Samsung makes its S Health app available to all Android devices

In its quest to make the S Health app more accessible to more people, Samsung first published it on the Play Store a few months ago. And today the company has made it available for all devices running Android 4.4 KitKat or above.

So S Health is no longer limited to Samsung smartphones. Anyone can use its health tracking options now, get coaching to reach certain goals, and improve fitness with various training programs.

This rather surprising move of opening up S Health to everybody, not just Samsung handset owners, comes after the similarly interesting announcement that the Gear S2 smartwatch will work with non-Samsung Android devices too. Since S Health can use data from a smartwatch’s sensors, these things can in fact be related. If you’re going to use the Gear S2 with a non-Samsung phone, then you might as well use it with S Health, the company’s thinking seems to be.

Source | Via 1 Via 2