Samsung had a planned VR stunt for the Oscars that got cancelled mere hours before the event

As it turns out Samsung had a special VR stunt planned for the Oscars ceremony a few days ago, which was cancelled just hours before the red carpet rolled.

Samsung’s idea was to get Casey Neistat loose at the Oscars with a Gear 360 VR camera. He was supposed to be skateboarding in the Dolby Theater and pass around Leonardo DiCaprio as he was walking towards the stage (to grab his overdue Oscar).

Samsung planned this stunt for a while, brought Neistat to Dolby Theater, and everything was rehearsed. But then Samsung cancelled the stunt, and the company’s presence was limited to just one TV spot.

Casey Neistat still shot a VR video that you can watch here, so it wasn’t all in vain. You can also check this vlog entry, where he talks about Samsung’s cancelled stunt.

Samsung is a major sponsor to the Oscars, so it’s natural it gets special treatment when it comes to advertising. You probably remember Ellen DeGeneres and her famous selfie with the Galaxy Note 3 in 2014.

The reason for the cancellation is unknown, but maybe it was for the best – it could have been awkward someone to be skating around during the actors’ most cherished moments.