Samsung Galaxy S9 pricing leak suggests a noticeable price hike

What goes up… stays up, if were talking about the price of Samsung flagships. Unconfirmed pricing info suggests that the Galaxy S9 will cost 740 according to one anonymous source while Clove UK even claims 800.

Meanwhile in Norway, the alleged pricing for the S9 is NOK 8,790 and for the Galaxy S9+ its NOK 9,790. The country is getting the Midnight Black, Coral Blue and Lilac Purple color options.

The Norwegian price for the Galaxy S9 is equivalent to $1,130/910, which lines up with Cloves claim of 800. The old Galaxy S8 launched at 690 while the Galaxy Note8 launched at 870.

Early Samsung Galaxy S9 pricing info suggests a noticeable price hike

Assuming the 740 figure is correct (which should make the Galaxy S9+ 830), then the Galaxy S9 duo will see a 50 price hike. And if the 800 figure is correct, its a hefty 110 jump. The Norwegian prices are both up NOK 800.

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