Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ pricing for India leaks out

You can already pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ in India but until now, we didn’t know the official prices.

An alleged official listing clears things up, and details just how pricey Samsung’s new flagship duo will be. According to the list prices the Galaxy S9 starts at around 780 for the 64GB and tops out at nearly 900. The Galaxy S9+ is almost 900 for the base 64GB model and stops just shy of 1000 for the 256 gig one.

Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB
INR 62,500
Samsung Galaxy S9 256GB
INR 71,000
Samsung Galaxy S9+ 64GB
INR 70,000
Samsung Galaxy S9+ 256GB
INR 79,000

Those prices are about what we expected from Samsung. Pre-orders for the Galaxy S9 duo are up in the US, Canada and the UK and orders are expected to start shipping in early March.