Samsung Galaxy S8 discounted by up to $400

The Galaxy S8 is one of the most impressive smartphones currently on the market. And to celebrate the launch of the Coral Blue color in the US the Korean company is running a nice promo that can get you the flagship for as little as $360 under certain conditions.

On BestBuy, you can choose between a carrier-locked or an unlocked Galaxy S8. The second version is down to $675 from the original $749. Some carrier deals let you have the phone for just $15 for 24 months which adds up to $360.

Samsung has some offers on its own store too, but the lowest prices obtainable involve trading-in your old phone. You can give back Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL, iPhone 5 or above, LG G4 or above or some older Galaxy S phones. You can go as low as $424.99, which sounds nice, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of selling your old phone yourself.

If you decide to keep your older device after all, the unlocked Galaxy S8 is $574.99 while the bigger Galaxy S8+ is $100 more.

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