Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (32GB, dual-SIM) currently available for $650 in US

If you recall, back in March, we told you about an eBay deal that took $100 off the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. In case you missed that deal, here is some good news: the same seller 232tech is back with a new promo, selling the device for just $650 this time.

That’s again a discount of around $100. However, the model on offer this time is the dual-SIM one, and comes with a UK-standard phone charger. It doesn’t come with a US warranty and is not compatible with CDMA carriers. Only gold color option is currently available.

Also keep in mind that that unlike US models (which pack in the SD820 SoC), international Galaxy S7/S7 edge models are powered by the latest Exynos SoC.

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