Samsung Galaxy S10 rumor roundup details screen and battery info

Samsung Galaxy S10 rumors have crystallized with info coming from multiple sources. There have been a few conflicting rumors, but by now its pretty clear what will be unveiled on February 20.

Citing a reliable source, CompareRaja has confirmed this list of features. The Galaxy S10 and S10+ will have ultrasonic in-display fingerprint readers. They will be available in Black, White, Blue and Green. Note that the Galaxy S10+ will be the only one with a dual selfie cam.

The Galaxy S10 Lite yes, Lite will use a classic side-mounted reader and will have a Yellow color option. This one is targeted at the young crowd. The Galaxy S10 E name may be used by AT&T to match its 5G E network.

Which is not an actual 5G network and the S10 E cant connect to one, anyway. There will be a 5G-enabled Galaxy S10 later this year.