Samsung Galaxy Note7 recall update: 90% opting for replacement rather than refund

Samsung began replacing affected Galaxy Note7 units on September 2 and it now reports that about 90% of buyers have opted to switch to new units where the battery issue has been resolved.

In Singapore, where the recall started only 10 days ago, more than 80% of buyers have sent back affected Note7s. However, in the major US and Korean markets, the recall goes slower – Samsung reports 60% of all recalled units there have been exchanged.

You can confirm a Galaxy Note7 unit is part of the new batch by looking for a square symbol on the back of its box and at the battery indicator on the phone itself – it’s green on the new ones and white on units that need to be replaced.

Samsung urges the remaining buyers to send back affected units, a new one will be shipped back to them based on local availability. They can call the store where they purchased the Note7 or a local call center for more details.

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