Samsung Galaxy J7 Top gets Bluetooth certification

Samsung expanded its J-series in the past few weeks first with introducing the Galaxy J4 and the Galaxy J6, followed by the Galaxy J3 (2018) and the Galaxy J7 (2018). Once the primary devices are outed, it is time for the market-specific ones like the Galaxy J7 Top that just received Bluetooth certification.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Top gets Bluetooth certification

The phone, listed with a model number SM-S757BL, will have Bluetooth 4.2, meaning no high-end chipset that supports BT 5.0. This is far from surprising, knowing that Samsung positions its Galaxy J devices at the affordable end of the price spectrum.

A Korean version of the phone on Geekbench suggested earlier an Exynos 7870 chipset and 2 GB RAM. Now, with the Bluetooth Bluetooth certification, the Galaxy J7 Top is a step closer to an official launch, where we’ll see if it will arrive with the same specs.

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