Samsung Galaxy J2 Core manual shows a customized Android Go phone

Samsungs first Android Go phone the Galaxy J2 Core has been making the rounds and causing some confusion. We saw the quad-core CPU of the Exynos 7570 benchmarked and we have some idea about the geographic distribution of its variants. Perhaps its manual can clear some things out.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Core manual shows a Samsung- customized Android Go phone

Heres some good news the back is removable and you can change the battery. Heres some bad news the USB port looks like a microUSB. The phone is a dual SIM handset with old-school slots, there are no card trays here (and you need to remove the battery to change the SIMs). Theres a microSD card slots stacked on top of one of the SIM slots.

The big questions was how much will Samsung customize Android Go? And the answer seems to be plenty. The manual doesnt name the Android version, but it shows how to use Galaxy Apps and Smart Switch.

Even the homescreen has the usual Samsung looks. But its definitely an Android Go device as it uses Maps Go and Google Go. So that answers that question, Android Go isnt like Android One when it comes to custom skins.

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