Samsung dedicates a video to Galaxy S8 protective cases

Samsung announced the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ on March 29 and as usual released a bunch of protective cases for them. Now that a few million people already got their hands on the latest flagships the company wants to remind everyone of those and how they are the Galaxy S8’s best friend. Three of the those even got their own video – the Alcantara Case, the Clear View Standing Cover and the 2Piece Cover.

The Clear View Standing Cover is the most impressive looking of the three but adds the most volume to the phone. It protects the precious corners of the not-so-durable Galaxy S8 and let you control the phone for answering calls and controlling music without even opening the cover. You can also use the Clear View as a stand and watch videos in landscape mode.

The Alcantara Case follows next in the video. It has fuzzy back and comes in several colors. Samsung claims it is stain-resistant.

Clear View Standing Cover
Alcantara Case
2Piece Cover

Clear View Standing Cover Alcantara Case 2Piece Cover

The 2Piece Cover is a weird looking two-piece case made of rubber, for those that one to add a bit of color to their flagship.