Samsung Australia sets up service locations at airports to swap Note7s

People just dont want to part with their Galaxy Note7 but if they will have to want to fly anywhere. The canceled flagship is now banned from flights in most countries and Samsung Australia has taken a pragmatic approach to handling the recall – representatives at the airport will swap your phone of give you a refund.

Several airports down under have service points that are open from 6am to 8pm (note that Canberra closes a little early, 6pm). These points are located before security screening (obviously, youll be turned back if they find a Note7 on you).

Samsung will try to swap your Galaxy Note7 at the terminal of your departure (and will refund you the difference to the new device). If for whatever reason there isnt a phone available at departure, the team will arrange that either a phone or a full refund awaits you at your arrival airport.

You can follow the Source link for a list of terminals with Samsung service points. The company is working with Australian authorities to set up additional points in other terminals.

This is for Australia, but theres a good chance Samsung will expand this arrangement to cover other countries as well.