Rumor says Google’s standalone VR headset will be unveiled next week

If you recall, back in February this year, there were reports that Google is working on a standalone VR headset. While the company never officially confirmed the existence of such a device, a new rumor is suggesting that the headset will be unveiled next week during the search giant’s annual I/O conference.

The rumor came in the form of a tweet from entrepreneur and former tech journalist Peter Rojas, who also said that the headset – allegedly dubbed Android VR – will be better than Samsung’s Gear VR, but not as good as Rift or Vive.

Android VR will definitely be announced next week, and from what Ive heard will be less powerful than the Vive or Rift.

Peter Rojas (@peterrojas) May 11, 2016

Correct. Android VR will be a standalone headset.

Peter Rojas (@peterrojas) May 11, 2016

This is what Ive heard. Better than Gear VR, not as good as Rift/Vive.

Peter Rojas (@peterrojas) May 11, 2016

There was, however, no information on the pricing as well as launch time-frame of the device, although if the rumor is true, it shouldn’t be long before all these details are made official. The Google I/O conference for this year is scheduled for May 18 – 20.

Peter Rojas (Twitter) | Via