Revamped Apple Music will be introduced at WWDC in June

The Apple Music app for iOS is going to receive a big redesign as well as some new features. The big revamp will be officially introduced during the company’s WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC) in June. The new version of the app will then be released in beta alongside iOS 10 to developers and eager consumers, ahead of its official launch in the fall when the new iteration of iOS hits too.

Thanks to a few unnamed sources we get to find out some of the details of the redesign. Reportedly, the app will choose a simpler overall design, with more black and white in it (both in backgrounds as well as text), compared to the current colorful and translucent look. To not make things too boring with all that black and white, album artwork is set to become huge and a larger part of the UI – which is allegedly going to result in a “bolder, yet simpler” look. That said, the interface in the album view will no longer change based on the color of an album’s art.

Apple Music will also get additional 3D Touch shortcut previews, and the ability to share songs will be brought front and center. Apple’s San Francisco font will be used everywhere. The For You section will be simplified and better promoted, but the algorithms powering it won’t change significantly. In the new version of Apple Music, the New tab will be gone, replaced by a Browse section, which allegedly does a better job of organizing the content that was featured in New (top charts, genres, featured music, and curated playlists).

While the Beats 1 radio station will not see any changes, the new Apple Music will bring with it wide-ranging support for lyrics. For this, Apple is already working with music labels to have as many lyrics ready for the launch as possible.

All of these new things are expected to make their way to the Mac via a minor iTunes update. There will also be a new Apple Music app for the Apple TV.