Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note7s to have green-colored battery incator

While we already know that the new batch of Samsung Galaxy Note7 will have a blue S on their box, it is now being reported that replacement units will feature green-colored battery indicators as well.

Currently, the Galaxy Note7 battery indicator – located at the top right of the screen – is white in color. Presumably, the change in color is aimed at letting customers differentiate between the faulty and the safe units.

The new Galaxy Note7 with green battery indicator will be available in the company’s home country of South Korea starting September 19. There’s, however, no word on whether or not new stock destined for other countries will also feature the same change.

Meanwhile, data from mobile app analytics firm Apteligent has revealed that Note 7 owners are still using their phones despite Samsung announcing a global recall as well as several reports of units exploding while being charged or in use.

To ensure the safety of users and presumably push them to get their faulty units replaced, Samsung – in South Korea at least – will send out an over-the-air update to existing Note7 units that will cap charging at 60%.