Red iPhone 8 briefly glimpsed on video

All iPhone 8 rumors so far have shown off the color scheme trinity White, Black and Gold – but now a new video shows a unit painted in a bold red color. This wont be the first red iPhone but it will be the first time Apple offers a red unit from the get go.

This video was sent to us by a tipster who says it was shot Guangzhou in what appears to be a showroom (or perhaps a QA facility).

Interestingly, the iPhone 8 appears more burgundy and the iPhone 7 (7s?) behind it is a brighter red. And the gold color continues to not look like the precious metal, but closer to bronze.

Apple gives the impression that colors are for the mass market devices be it iPhone 5c or a late generation iPod Touch. But will iPhones anniversary be a colorful one?

A big thanks to Aman for this video!