Recruitment Agencies See Rise In Demand For Professional Engineers

Manufacturing recruiters in the UK have seen a rise in demand for professional engineers, a new study has found.

Manufacturing recruiters in the UK have seen a rise in demand for professional engineers, a new study has found.

The industry currently employs over 1.5 million with 800,000 working within the main areas including manufacturing, civil, electronic, chemical and mechanical. A new study from The Graduate Recruitment Agency has also revealed that this number is set to rise due to an increasing consumer demand, advances in technology and the rapid changes within the industry.

With these constant changes affecting the industry, recent years have seen engineers enter a whole range of different jobs within the industry sector including manufacturing, management and logistics. Their talents have made engineers much more diverse within their chosen industry and are known to execute a range of skills including drawing up complex designs, making presentations to a board of directors and operating on the shop floor.

The high demand has meant many engineers often receive work within their desired sector. A recent study found that three in every four engineering graduates are successful in applying within their chosen field. This is a substantial amount compared to over graduates, with less than half making it onto their preferred career.

Overall the engineering sector employs over 1.5 million people with over 800,000 working in the main areas such as manufacturing, chemical, civil, mechanical and electrical. The latest research also suggests that the demand for engineers is set to continue rising due to the constant change in the industry such as advances in technology and increasing consumer demand.

One of Britain’s leading manufacturing and engineering recruitment agencies, Core Talent Recruitment, has noticed the rise in interest for professional engineers. They have seen many engineers widen their skills by applying for careers within manufacturing jobs, logistics jobs and procurement jobs. The recruitment agency’s website advertises a significant number of engineering jobs across the UK and the company believes the industry continues to be essential for the UK economy.