Razer Phone now on sale in the US

The Razer Phone went on sale a couple of days early it was supposed to launch on November 17, but its available right now in the US. Well, the regular edition is anyway, the special edition is sold out already (it was a limited run of just 1,337 units).

Anyway, the phone costs $700 as promised but you can add a few accessories. A thin case for $20 or a rugged one for $40 or Razers Hammerhead BT headphones for $100. If youre going to use wired headphones, try not to lose the USB-C to 3.5mm adapter a new one is $20.

Razer Phone now on sale in the US

Currently, only is selling the phone. In the US, and Microsoft stores should also have units, but perhaps theyll wait until November 17. We checked Razers European sites, the phone isnt available there yet.