Razer is going to announce something on Nov 1, and it could be a smartphone

When we hear about Razer, we usually think of its sleek line of high-end gaming laptops and gaming accessories. However, something that we havent associated Razer with just yes is smartphones.

We have been waiting for this ever since Razers acquisition (this past January) of the smartphone startup: Nextbit the company behind the successful Kickstarter phone: the Robin.

WATCH for our biggest unveiling…

RΛZΞR (@Razer) October 11, 2017

The tweet says WATCH for our biggest unveiling with the first word appearing in all caps. The same word is in the image: WATCH coming soon, Nov 1 with someone using a mystery handheld device.

Back in June, CEO of Razer – Tan Min-liang said:

Right now I dont see any mobile device or software platform that really fulfills the needs of the [mobile] gamer … there is a huge opportunity to disrupt the mobile market.

This leads us to speculate that Razer might release some kind of smartphone or small tablet for consuming media and/or playing mobile games. Though were placing our bets on a smartphone since the device shown in the picture looks too small to be a tablet. A smartphone-sized device dedicated to media and gaming is also a plausibility.

Until then, we can only keep speculating exactly what Razer is cooking up. What are your predictions as to what Razer is going to announce next month?

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