Qualcomm confirms the Xiaomi Mi 8 will support QC 4.0+

Xiaomi Mi 8 leaks just keep piling up. We already know most of the key features like in-display fingerprint sensor, translucent back option, 3D face unlock, much about the screen and internals and even the starting price. But that’s never enough, right?

Well, Qualcomm just confirmed in its own Quick Charge 4.0+ page that the device will support the latest standard for quick battery top-ups. This doesn’t come as a surprise as a previous report from FCC revealed that the Mi 8 supports 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A quick charge protocols topping at 18W maximum output. We just hope the device will ship with a capable charger because otherwise it will be just another QC 4.0+ compliant device on the list without being able to utilize it.

The Mi 8 shapes up to be one of the most interesting flagship so far this year and we can’t wait for the official announcement on May 31.

Source (in Chinese)