Qualcomm brings in-screen fingerprint technology in Q1 2018

Weve heard many rumors about in-screen fingerprint technology, but now Qualcomm officially announced it has started producing the first samples. The ultrasonic scanner can be implemented under any smartphone surface – OLED display, metal or glass panel. Devices with such sensor will arrive in early 2018 and will be compatible with all Snapdragon chips, as well as some other platforms.

According to the San Diego company, the next-generation fingerprint solutions are based around integrated ultrasonic sensor. It will also detect a heart beat and blood flow and will provide improved mobile authentication experiences.

In current smartphones and tablets, fingerprint scanner can scan through a 400 m layer on top, while Qualcomms technology will be able to scan through an OLED panel that stacks up to 1200 m, glass and metal panel up to 800 m thickness and front glass cover up to 650 m.

According to a timeframe Qualcomm published, manufacturers should receive samples of the Glass and Metal sensor this month. First devices should hit the shelves in the first half of 2018.

Qualcomm and vivo are working together in demonstrating the first device. This gives more credibility to the leaked video we saw two weeks ago.