Qualcomm announces Snapdragon 600E and 410E for embedded computing, IoT

Qualcomm has announced two new Snapdragon models, the 600E and 410E, where the E stands for Embedded. These two models have been designed specifically for embedded computing and Internet of Things applications. This includes devices such as set-top boxes, medical images, point of sale systems, digital signage, televisions, media players, interactive kiosks, robotics, high-end toys, thermostats, surveillance systems, and more.

The two chipsets are designed to be efficient with sufficient performance. They support 32-bit and 64-bit applications and can run Android, Linux, as well as Windows 10. You also get support for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, SATA, HDMI, USB, and more. They will also come with extended support as these products are usually used for extensive periods of time.

Qualcomm also announced that these will be the first Snapdragon products that will be made available through third-party distributors to manufacturers of embedded computing and IoT devices. The first distributor is Arrow Electronics and more will be added later.