Put Your Marketing To the “So What?” Test

Wish to get Better at your Marketing these days?

Wish to get Better at your Marketing these days?

For numerous service business owners, marketing can be a actual mystery. We don’t really know precisely how it works. We’re not actual certain about what works best for us. And most likely simply because of some past frustrations, we’re not even certain where to begin.

Most appear to at least have a notion of what’s involved in marketing…a internet site, Yellow Pages advertising, brochures, direct mailings, networking, seminars, trade shows, and so on.

But if that’s all it took, wouldn’t we all be attracting sufficient clients?

I’m sure you’ve tried 1 or more of these issues at least to some degree. And I’m sure you’ve had a minimum of some successes now and again. But are you currently in a position to make it work consistently for your company?

If not, what might be going on?

First, let’s agree to a definition of marketing. Here is my favorite 1 for small, service-based businesses:

“Marketing will be the use of methods to create a continuous supply of high-quality leads for your service company.” Simple to understand and speaks directly to the outcomes we want.

OK, so does not this definition take us right back to what we said we already knew about marketing… a web website, Yellow Pages advertising, networking, and so on.? Nicely maybe, but first it is essential to understand why your current advertising activities are not producing consistent results.

Put your message and supplies to the “So What?” test.

Start with your core advertising message. Pull out your most frequently utilized marketing tool and read it out loud. Put it towards the “So What?” test.

After you read it out loud, is it possible that your intended audience could respond with… “So What?”… “Why do I care?”… or “What’s in it for me?” If your message does not tell your intended audience what solutions you are providing to address their issues/problems/challenges, and how it relates to the advantages they’ll receive from your services, then a “So What?” response is precisely what you might expect.

Messages and materials which are all about who you’re and also the history of one’s company and what services you provide and why you are so qualified to offer these services and how you partner together with your clients to accomplish superior results, and so on. are most likely to fail the “So What?” test.

Challenge all your present advertising supplies. Keep in mind, it is the intended audience that counts. What’s in it for them? Why should they care?

Listen, if your advertising is consistently generating all of the high-quality leads you can deal with, then don’t alter a factor. But if you haven’t quite figured out how you can create a continuous supply of leads for your service business, then you owe it to yourself to challenge your present marketing tools by putting them to the “So What?” test.

Try these suggestions:

* Challenge all of your advertising tools that are not contributing to consistently create leads for your service business – even the ones that have worked in the past. Could you improve the message and get a higher return? Put it to the “So What?” test.

* Try the X’s and O’s test (especially using the last letter you wrote). Mark an X every time your marketing piece mentions your name, company name, or the words “I” or “me”. Mark and O every time it mentions the prospects name, company name, or the word “you” or “your”. If the X’s outnumber the O’s, rewrite it prior to utilizing it again.

* Attempt gathering up a group of people you can trust to give you extremely honest feedback. You are not just searching for proof readers, but individuals who will give you honest feedback on whether your supplies pass the “So What?” test.

* Be prepared for some negative feedback, but much more importantly, be prepared to do something about it.

* Don’t just accept opinions, but attempt to get down to realistic response. For instance: “I think this part is too wordy and detailed.” (opinion) versus “I got fairly lost and confused using the level of detail in this part.” (response)

* Remember that it is the intended audience that counts. If it’s not clear who the message is intended for when it’s received, then how can it pass the “So What?” test.

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