Purchased the now-pulled iOS ad-blocking app Peace? Apple is giving automatic refunds

Just days after Marco Arment – the brain behind the popular read-it-later app Instapaper and podcast app Overcast – pulled his ad-blocker app Peace from the App Store, Apple has started issuing automatic refunds to all those who purchased the app.

“Apple notified me this afternoon that theyll be proactively refunding all purchases of Peace. It will probably take a few days to process,” Arment said in a blog post. It’s worth mentioning that before being pulled, Peace was the number one paid app in the US.

Up until now, users had to ask for a refund – more than 13,000 people were granted refunds through the regular system ever since the app was pulled, Arment revealed. However, the developer says he’s happy that Apple has now decided to refund all purchases of Peace.