Pre-ordering the Galaxy Note9 will get you 15,000 V-Bucks in Fortnite Mobile

Mobile gaming is already a huge deal and the latest rumor about Samsung partnering with Epic Games for the [Galaxy Note9]|( launch, comes to only further confirm this. Just the other day, news broke that Samsung and Epic Games are planning to release Fortnite – the PC game that already took over iOS – exclusively to Galaxy Note9 owners for 30 days.

Today, a string in Epic Games’ website suggest that both companies are extending its partnership even further. When buying the Galaxy Note9, you will get 15,000 virtual in-game currency called V-Bucks, that’s worth around $150. Pretty generous.

In addition, the latest report claims that the one-month exclusive period could be extended to as long as four months in total. Now, that’s an exclusive deal!

However, we wonder if Epic Games’ servers allow cross-platform gaming, because the app has been available for iOS only and if not, Galaxy Note9 owners will be stuck playing only against each other. The waiting queues for joining a game will be pretty long due to the small number of gamers, as well.