Pokmon Go will begin field testing in Japanese Beta later this month

Nintendos highly anticipated mobile game scheduled for release this year (still no estimation as to when the game will actually launch) will begin undergoing actual Beta testing in Japan late this month.

The Beta program is intended to improve the existing build of the new mobile geo-based game. Users in Japan can sign up for the Beta but some areas you wander in might not even work. Even these users who are unable to use the Beta are required to keep the content of the unreleased game under wraps. So we might be able to see some early leaks in the next couple of months.

Users are asked for their name, smartphone type (iOS or Android phone), Ingress username, and the level that youve reached on Ingress. The Ingress questions are optional to answer, but it would be in The Pokmon Companys best interest to select users who have experience with the GPS based game with essence of capture-the-flag.

Pokmon Go was announced this past fall for release on mobile platforms: iOS and Android. The game was influenced by Niantic Labs first GPS based game called Ingress. Google was once the parent company of Niantic Labs until Nintendo invested into the independent company.

When the trailer came out in the fall, gamers everywhere flipped their shit. Theyd now be able to play Pokmon outside in the real world and other Pokmon trainers and maybe even encourage the younger generation to go outside and explore.

If you haven’t already, check out the Pokmon Go trailer release back in September.