Plastic can be durable – Pocophone F1 torture test confirms it

The Pocophone F1 took the Android community by a storm thanks to its flagship worthy specs and exceptionally low price. But of course, to achieve such low price tag, the company had to cut some corners along the way and in this case, it’s the build materials.

The whole chassis is made of plastic – including the side frame – which raised some concerns over its durability. Well, the latest JerryRigEverything sees the smartphone undergo all the usual torture tests and pass them with flying colors.

We all know the trade-offs and the gains of owning a plastic smartphone, but this one puts to shame some aluminum and glass devices. It doesn’t bend, feels really solid and the only thing it’s vulnerable against are scratches from coins and keys in the pocket. The plastic is a soft material after all and can’t go against metal in this case.

The best thing is that the display can withstand scratches of up to 6 on Mohs’ scale of hardness while the fingerprint reader is virtually invincible. Still, we suggest you watch the full video as there’s more to it than that.