Periscope announces new search feature, permanently available broadcasts

In April Facebook basically unveiled that it’s going all-in with its new-ish live video broadcasting abilities, giving this feature its own tab in its own app even. And now about a month later, Twitter-owned Periscope is announcing a few new features of its own, ones that are meant to keep it relevant in this space following the rival social network’s moves. All of these things are landing in Periscope’s mobile apps “in the coming weeks”.

First off, Periscope broadcasts will live on forever on a user’s profile. The current rule is that they go away after 24 hours, but the world has apparently changed since the service launched. At this point people are more prepared to have their live videos stick with them for longer, hence the new feature. Of course you’ll still be able to manually delete any of your broadcasts. The new default will be having videos saved forever, but somewhere in the app’s settings you’ll find an option that can take you back to the automatic 24-hour limit if you prefer that.

Next up, Periscope is getting search. When this is live, you’ll be able to search for broadcasts by title or topic. A list of suggested topics will show up when you hit the search button in the Global List. The service is also going to be testing two special topics – “first scope” lets you welcome new users to the community, while “GoPros and drones” will feature only broadcasts from GoPro cameras as well as DJI drones.

This latter functionality is going to be available for anyone with an iPhone and a supported DJI drone. When recording a Periscope broadcast with your drone, you’ll be able to switch between the drone’s camera, your iPhone’s, and even your GoPro’s (if you happen to have one of those too).