Pebble Time currently going for just 79 in UK

Pebble might have unveiled the next-gen Pebble Time, but if you are in the UK, and are still considering purchasing the original variant, you’ll be happy to know that the smartwatch has received a 50% price cut.

Amazon UK currently has the device listed on its website for just 79, down 70.99 from its official price of 149.99. For those doing the math, this translates into a discount of 47%.

What’s worth mentioning, however, is that the 79 price is only for the black color variant – the red version costs 82.99, while the white model carries a price tag of 81.99. For comparison, Pebble is selling all the color variants for 149.99 (the red variant is currently out of stock though).

Source (Amazon UK) | Pebble