PayPal begins rollout of Samsung Pay support

PayPal first announced that it will support Samsung Pay Wallets back in July of last year. It has been nearly a year and PayPal is finally rolling out the new feature. You will finally be able to use payment methods from your PayPal account to make Samsung Pay purchases, all while still earning Samsung Pay Rewards in the process.

Google Pay (formerly Android Pay) already supports PayPal, but those with Samsung devices know that Samsung Pay is a more flexible option since it uses both NFC and MST, the latter of which is able to simulate a magnetic strip for store locations that are still transitioning to NFC payment terminals.

To add a new PayPal payment method to Samsung Pay:

Tap “+” to add a new payment method
Select “Add PayPal” under the “Add payment card” section
Enter your Samsung Pay passcode or biometric scan if asked
Press “Next” and create a PIN for in-store purchases
Select a Debit or bank funding source
Agree & Continue

We were able to successfully add a PayPal Debit Card to Samsung Pay to deduct funds from a PayPal balance, but we were not able to see the option to add a PayPal account under the available payment methods just yet. Support is still rolling out, so you should see the option pop up over the next few days.