Password-free logins coming to Android by end of year, Google confirms

If you recall, back at last year’s I/O conference, Google introduced us to Project Abacus, an effort aimed at ditching passwords-based logins in favor of a completely different system that takes into account various factors including your typing and walking patterns, location, and voice.

Well, the company has now given a heads-up on the project, revealing that the new password-free system will be made available to Android developers by 2016 end.

But before that, the project – which has been under testing at over 30 universities in the US – will be tested by “several very large financial institutions,” something which will happen starting next month.

“And assuming it goes well, this should become available to every Android developer around the world by the end of the year,” said Daniel Kaufman, head of Googles research unit ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects), at I/O 2016.