Partial YouTube outage: Channel pages are returning with error 500

Many folks are tweeting that they are unable to see any YouTuber’s channel pages, only to be met with an internal error 500.

Wowww I cant go into any channel on YouTube #youtubeisbroken

Raichu (@Raichubaby) April 2, 2018

We just tried to open 10 channels from videos in our YouTube feed and all of them return the same error “500 Internal Service Error”. Surprisingly, MKBHD’s channel is seemingly the only one visible and working just fine. Even Casey Neistat’s channel is returning the same error.

Edit [16:30 ET]: MKBHD’s Channel is down again but Casey Neistat’s is back. It seems the issue is scattered and intermittent.

Current message when trying to open a user’s YouTube Channel on a desktop.

It’s a little too late for this to be an April Fool’s day prank and we don’t think this is intentional.

Are you seeing this same error when trying to see user Channels? Let us know if you do and whether you are trying from the mobile app or the website.

This is an ongoing development so we’ll update this story as soon as more info comes.