Pandora Plus launches for $5 per month to replace Pandora One

Pandora has revamped its $5 per month subscription today. First off, there’s a name change – it’s no longer Pandora One, but now goes by Pandora Plus. Also, the subscription has a few new features.

A predictive offline mode will switch to one of your top stations when your device loses data connectivity, and music will keep flowing. You also get unlimited skips and replays.

The stuff that made Pandora One an interesting option is still there – you get higher quality streams than users of the free tier, and your experience is ad-free of course.

Those using the free Pandora service are in for some news too. From now on they can replay and skip more songs by opting to watch a video ad. And later this year a new $10 tier will be coming as a fully interactive on-demand option.

The transition from Pandora One to Pandora Plus will be gradual, but automatic for existing users. Pandora Plus will become available in the Android and iOS apps “in the coming months”. For listeners in Australia and New Zealand, Pandora Plus and the new ad-supported features will only arrive in 2017.

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