OxygenOS 4.5.15 is now out for the OnePlus 5, brings October security patches

Last week OnePlus sent out OxygenOS 4.7.4 to the 5T, its latest smartphone. The software for that and its predecessor, the OnePlus 5, still hasn’t been unified. That’s why the 5 not only didn’t receive last week’s update, but in fact is getting an entirely different version altogether.

Rolling out starting today, OxygenOS 4.5.15 is on its way to the OnePlus 5. This brings with it the October security patches, and no, you’re not reading that wrong – we’re still in December, and two more monthly security updates for Android have been released since.

Even if it’s not the latest, the October patch should improve the security of your OnePlus 5. This is joined by unnamed GPS improvements and “general bug fixes” in OxygenOS 4.5.15. An issue that didn’t let you set a customized alarm ringtone has been fixed, as well as one that didn’t let you share emoji from Bitmoji.

As usual, the over-the-air distribution of the new software will happen incrementally. It will reach a small percentage of phones today, while a wider rollout is set to begin in a few days. If you have a OnePlus 5 and were waiting for the camera improvements that recently made it to the 5T, you’ll unfortunately have some more waiting to do.