Our 960fps slow-mo shootout video is up: Xperia XZ2 goes against the Galaxy S9

We had a bit of fun in the office shooting 960fps videos. We used the Sony Xperia XZ2 and the Samsung Galaxy S9 to try and find out which one does a better job at 960 frames per second. Of course, Huawei launched its own 960fps competitor earlier this week, but thats for another time.

So, how did the two competitors do? Sony came out with a 960fps-capable phone last year (the XZ1) and this year it upgraded the camera to support 1080p resolution while the Samsung is capped at 720p.

However, Samsung has its own highlights it can automatically trigger the slow-mo recording with motion detection and it has a better interface overall, including a capable video editing suit.

So, each has its strengths, but which one is our favorite the Xperia XZ2 or the Galaxy S9? Ill leave it to Will to answer that. Just make sure you watch until the end, we have a whole bunch of slow-mo shots (starting around the 4 minute mark).