Oppo R17 Pro camera could feature a dual aperture

If the Snapdragon 710 chipset wasnt enough, perhaps this Oppo R17 Pro rumor can make you a believer the dual camera will be upgraded with a dual aperture.

Like the Galaxy S9 and, more recently the Note9, the R17 Pro shooter can reportedly switch between f/1.5 and f/2.4. Which aperture is used will depend on the lighting conditions. The f/1.5 mode will be used for low-light shooting and natural bokeh, f/2.4 for sharp photos in daylight.

Oppo R17 Pro dual-aperture F1.5/F2.4#oppo #OppoR17

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The PBEM00 model – the one that was benchmarked yesterday – has appeared on TENAA, which shows that the dual camera is a 16+5MP shooter. The 5MP module will likely be relegated to depth sensing and it will be the 16MP module that has the dual aperture.

The R15 Pro had a 16+20MP dual camera, so this would be something of a downgrade. We’d wait for the official unveiling before drawing conclusions, though.

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