Oppo R11 heading to Singapore this Thursday

The Oppo R11 has been selling in China for a few days and it has been a successful endeavor as in just 40 minutes it broke the record for first day sales (both on and off-line).

And now the R11 is coming to Singapore, set to launch on June 22, this Thursday. The press release gave no clue on the price, however. In China, it sells for CNY 3,000 (around $440) and it should start selling tomorrow in Taiwan at NTD 16,000 (around $525).

Oppo R11: in Black
Oppo R11: Gold
Oppo R11: Rose Gold
Oppo R11: Heat Red

Oppo R11: in Black Gold Rose Gold Heat Red

The Oppo R11 has two major features that work in harmony a dual camera (16MP + 20MP) and the Snapdragon 660 chipset. The 16MP sensor is the Sony IMX 398 we know from the R9s and the 20MP sensor (IMX 376) handles telephoto shots.

This is the first phone with the Snapdragon 660 chipset and leverages its advanced image processing, featuring the 14-bit Spectra 160 IPS and HVX. If the latter sounds familiar, Google used HVX for the excellent HDR+ effects on its Pixel phones.

You can learn more about the camera from our preview.