Oppo F7 caught boosting performance for benchmarks

A Vietnamese blogger took the time to analyze Oppo F7’s benchmark results and saw something fishy. It appears that Oppo once again was caught cheating in benchmarks. Last year the Oppo F3 was accused of cheating and now the F7 follows.

According to the blogger, the Helio P60 processor scored much higher on AnTuTu than it should by boosting all of its cores to 2.0GHz. To confirm this, the author created a fake and basically empty AnTuTu Benchmark app with the same package name as the real one (com.AnTuTu.ABenchMark). When he ran the app, the Oppo F7’s cores boosted once again up to 2.0GHz ignoring all thermal thresholds. Here is a comparison between the Helio P60 and some of the popular Snapdragon alternatives that are presumably in the same ballpark.

Source (in Vietnamese)