OnHub routers will work with the new Google Wifi

At its grand event yesterday Google unveiled its first own-brand Wi-Fi router, imaginatively named Google Wifi. But Google’s dabbled in the router space before, having created two OnHub units – one in partnership with TP-Link, the other with Asus.

Interestingly, these have been more expensive than the Google Wifi is going to be, so understandably many OnHub owners have been wondering whether Google will leave them out in the cold from this point on, only focusing on the new shiny Wifi router.

The answer, thankfully, is no. Furthermore, if you have an OnHub you can buy a Wifi and use it to extend the OnHub’s range – just as you would if you purchased multiple Wifi units and scattered them throughout your household. The Google Wifi will be controlled and set up using the same app as the OnHubs, and it looks like the old partner-built routers will be good friends with the new Google-only Wifi.

If you have an OnHub, Google plans on sending you an email “later this year announcing when your OnHub will be ready for Google Wifi”.

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