OnePlus wants 30 of you to review the OnePlus 3 before anyone else

The Lab is a new initiative by OnePlus through which it wants to receive feedback about its next smartphone from people interested in reviewing a OnePlus 3 before anyone else. Sound interesting to you?

Well then, all you need to do is go to this page and register. Then keep your fingers crossed. OnePlus will select 30 people from those who sign up, and will send them a OnePlus 3 each. This isn’t going to be a random draw however, those 30 people will be carefully selected by the OnePlus team. In the application form, there’s a 500 word field that you can use to explain why you should be chosen, so make sure you use that accordingly.

If you are one of the lucky recipients of the phone, you’re expected to thoroughly review it over the course of several days, giving its maker feedback about all aspects of the device.

To participate, you only need to have internet access, and there are no geographical restrictions thankfully. Still, it’s important to note that it doesn’t look like you’ll be able to keep that OnePlus 3 once you’re done reviewing it, or at least there’s no mention of anything like that on OnePlus’ website as of now.

So you might be one among 30 people who play with the phone before anyone else, but you do have to put in some work once you have it in your hands. Oh, and it’s highly unlikely that the content of your review will influence the final OnePlus 3 product in any way, seeing as how it’s already been certified for sale in both China and the US – the best you can hope for is some software bugs fixed at some point in the future because you reported them.