OnePlus Roaming announced: a global SIM-free data service

Plot twist! OnePlus just introduced a global SIM-free data service with the latest Oxygen OS beta. The company says it should work in most countries and regions, though we dont have a list yet.

The service is called OnePlus Roaming and lives in the Settings, Wi-Fi & Internet. From there you can purchase packages or activate the ones youve bought ahead of time. The list of data packages and their pricing will differ depending on the country.

OnePlus Roaming is a SIM-free data service
OnePlus Roaming is a SIM-free data service

OnePlus Roaming is a SIM-free data service

Note that the service doesnt support voice calls, this is data-only (not a huge issue today, all major IM apps do voice calls over the Internet). Also, this doesnt require a SIM card, so the setup is minimal no need to wait for anything to arrive in the mail.

OnePlus Roaming is part of the Open Beta 7 update for the OnePlus 6. It should arrive on the 6T at some point as well, but whether the older models (5/5T and 3/3T) get it remains to be confirmed.

Back to the OnePlus 6, the update adds Video Enhancer (adjusts colors for a better video watching experience). It also lets you assign a prefered SIM for contacts and groups and vibrates when a call ends. It also lets you configure the app drawer.

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