OnePlus 5T to cost the same, O2 sources claim

O2 has long been long been a partner of OnePlus. Now unnamed sources from within the British carrier claim that the OnePlus 5T will launch at the same price as the outgoing model.

That is 500 for a 128GB OnePlus 5 on a pay as you go basis. The 64GB phone was available only with a contract for 10 upfront and 36 a month (it’s out of stock now, only the 128GB model remains).

This suggests that the price of the OnePlus 5T will remain the same globally, though it doesn’t guarantee it. Also, O2s documents showed no hint of a 256GB model (which was briefly rumored earlier this year).

For what its worth, OppoMart also showed the 5T will have the same price as the 5 as well.

OnePlus 5T (leaked image)

OnePlus 5T (leaked image)

Meanwhile the leaked image above purports to show the front and back of the upcoming phone. We cant attest to its authenticity, but it looks like an Oppo R11s with OnePlus branding so real or not, this image pretty much shows what the 5T will look like.

Official pricing info should be made available when the phone is announced on November 16 or at the latest on November 21 when the 5T goes on sale.

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