OnePlus 5T price and availability around the world

The OnePlus 5T goes on sale next Tuesday November 21. And it will be a wide launch, covering North America, much of Europe and India. The China launch will be a bit later. Heres the map with countries getting the 5T colored in red.

In case you cant make out whats going on in Europe, OnePlus will cover Western and Central Europe except Norway and Switzerland. On the Balkans, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece are getting the 5T as well.

And here are the prices

CAD 650
CAD 720
INR 33,000
INR 38,000

On launch day, there will be special deals on some accessories.

Note that in India the phone will be exclusive to Amazon, elsewhere it will be sold through In some markets you’ll be able to find some carrier deals as well (O2 in the UK, Three in Denmark and Elisa in Finland).