OnePlus 5 About screen shows 8GB

The OnePlus 5 was recently listed on OppoMart at a price of $450. Thats not that a lot of money for the kind of specs being talked about – including 8GB of RAM. Check out this leaked screenshot of the About screen, which shows that much RAM plus 128GB of storage.

Notice the software, Hydrogen OS. This means it’s from the Chinese version. OppoMart (the store that leaked the price) lists only 6GB of RAM in the specs. Its possible this is a local version (more RAM is necessary in the region as competition is tough). Then again, OppoMart isnt terribly reliable when it comes to leaks.

OnePlus 5's About screen: 8GB of RAM, 128GB storage (allegedly)

OnePlus 5’s About screen: 8GB of RAM, 128GB storage (allegedly)

Still, OnePlus managed to sell a phone with 6 gigs of RAM for $400, its possible that a year later chip prices have fallen enough to go up to 8. And rumors suggest the company will not be changing its habits – offering the best hardware it can get its hands on at around half the price of big brand flagships.

Weve been hearing that OnePlus will make the jump to QHD resolution while also grabbing a Snapdragon 835 chipset and a higher resolution camera to boot. And the max storage will double yet again to 256GB.

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