OnePlus 3/3T get improved launcher in latest Open Beta

If youre running an Open Beta on your OnePlus 3 or 3T, youll find an improved OnePlus Launcher in the next version along with several other updates.

The Open Beta release for the 3 reaches version 19, the one for the 3T is now at 10. Both weigh 1.5GB so you better download them over Wi-Fi. Youll find the complete changelog below, but here are the highlights.

The phone will now display the battery charge of connected Bluetooth devices and Bluetooth compatibility has been improved in general. Call related features have been polished, including dazzling animations.

The OnePlus Launcher (now at v2.1) features dynamic icons for the Weather and Calendar apps. You can customize the grid of the homescreen and those settings are independent of pixel density changes. Also, app discoverability has been improved new apps get a blue dot, recently searched apps show up in the app drawer history.

Owners of OnePlus 3 can head here for a download link, 3T users go here.

What’s new

All new OnePlus Launcher v2.1:

Supports dynamic icons for Weather and Calendar
Added Home screen layout under launcher settings for grid and icon customizations
Grid layout will be kept irrespective of display size changes
Added search history records in app drawer, displaying the 5 most recent apps on the first row
Newly installed apps will now be tagged with a blue dot for easier recognition
You can access icon pack resources on the Play store directly under launcher settings
User interface improvements during widget selection
Launcher version information is now visible under launcher settings

Other additions:

Added an option to display battery status of connected bluetooth devices
Added OnePlus widget (Not usable on Shelf)
Email address recognition within the text message contents
Size of clock widget is now adjustable
Updated UI style for Clock


Smart Callback works even better now
Incoming call animations are more dazzling than ever
OnePlus font optimizations for select languages
Compatibility optimizations for various bluetooth devices