Olloclip’s new Multi-Device Clip lens mount is compatible with most mobile devices

Olloclip has unveiled a new lens mount for your smartphone today. It’s descriptively called the Multi-Device Clip, and it should work with most mobile devices. So you’ll finally be able to use Olloclip’s add-on lenses even if you don’t have an iPhone – starting next month, when the Multi-Device Clip will become available for $60.

Your purchase will include one of the Connect X lenses that the Multi-Device Clip is designed to be used with. Any additional lens will cost you $45.

Your options are: super-wide (four-element lens with 120-degree visibility), ultra-wide (with 155-degree field-of-view), telephoto (with 2x optical zoom), fisheye and macro, macro 7X+14X, and macro 21X.

These Connect X lenses are the same ones used with Olloclip’s iPhone X system, so if you happen to have some lying around know you will be able to fit them into the Multi-Device Clip. On the other hand, the Connect lenses (made for the iPhone 8 / 8 Plus or 7 / 7 Plus) are not compatible with the new mount.

The Multi-Device Clip has an expanding design to provide a flush alignment of the camera and lens. It’s also compatible with screen protectors and smartphone cases up to 12mm in combined thickness.

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