Numis Coins – Why Coin Collectors Should Beware!

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In order to understand the true value of Numis Network Coins I want to begin with a brief history lesson!

You’ve probably heard about the California Gold Rush of 1849. Actually when gold was first discovered in California people flocked from throughout the united states to get their hands on their share of the gold. Initially there were no laws of ownership of the land, or gold beneath it, so the Gold was effectively totally free to take! Over time this changed and ownership was placed on the precious metals found underground.

In 1933 it became illegal to buy and sell Gold in any form, aside from jewellery and collectors’ coins. This was done to stop the hoarding of bullion and the unlawful acquisition and trading of Gold. Gold has been viewed as a special, valuable metal and trading valuable metals is extremely closely governed.

In 1934 the Gold Reserve Act was approved, which actually prevented any US residents from hoarding bullion. Individuals owning gold needed to sell it to the united states treasury!

Several years later in 1986 the United states government issued a new law called the Liberty Coin Act. This offered Us residents a means of collecting special and valuable metals in the form of collectors’ coins. This meant that US residents could once again own Silver and gold, that have always been considered as very valuable assets.

Numis Network distributes the highest grade, MS70 Silver Numismatic Coins. Those coins are manufactured in govt mints around the globe. They’re guaranteed for both purity and for the weight of silver they contain.

There’s, however, a vital distinction between Bullion and Numismatic coins which you need to understand. Allow me to explain with an example:

If you had an MS70 Silver American Eagle Coin from 1986 then how much is it actually worth? Well the coin’s value is actually $1! It is a $1 coin! If you walked into a shop it would not purchase you anything more than a $1 note would!

However, value of the ungraded Silver is in fact about $40. Silver bullion is worth about $42 per ounce (this is the weight of this coin). But we’re not looking at ungraded bullion here. We are looking at an MS70 graded silver coin. A 1986 graded and certified MS70 silver eagle coin can actually fetch around $700! The value of an MS70 collector’s coin is determined by its state, rarity and the interest in that specific coin. As you may imagine, the 1986 coin was the first to be produced and is in very high demand!

All Numis silver coins are the best MS70 graded silver and many are considered to be very rare also.

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