nubia Red Magic’s international launch is an IndieGoGo campaign

Theres a spotty history of launching mobile devices through a crowdfunding campaign, but ZTE has decided to do just that with the nubia Red Magic. Its currently on IndieGoGo for a month-long campaign to raise $50,000 (at the time of this writing, it has collected over $16,000). $50,000 is a paltry sum to launch a new device, so this is more of a publicity stunt than an actual need for funds.

Anyway, you can put down $400 23% lower than the launch price of $520 to reserve a Red Magic phone (and get a free dband skin in the process). This perk will expire tomorrow at 8 am GMT. Nubia expects to ship out the unit in May.

nubia Red Magic's international launch is an IndieGoGo campaign

If you miss tomorrows deadline, theres a different option you can pick still at $400, but delivery is set for July. If you do miss the deadline but still want the phone in May, theres an Early Testing option (no skin, limited to 250 units).

Do note that nubia expects to have a stable build of the phones software around the end of May or early June, so early backers will be in for a bit of a beta testing period. If youre still interested, follow the Source link to Red Magics IndieGoGo campaign.