Nokia smartphone passes through FCC, smaller than the 2

HMD is brewing up a new device, the TA-1056. FCC docs show its a surprisingly small phone, measuring 133mm tall and 68mm wide. Thats smaller than even the Nokia 2 (143.5 x 71.3mm). And in case you were wondering, this width probably means a 16:9 screen.

This is a dual SIM phone (with Cat. 4 LTE) and judging by the location of the FCC info label, the battery is removable (the label is inside the battery compartment). And it has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Small Nokia passes through FCC, smaller than even the Nokia 2

Little else is known about the Nokia TA-1056 currently, but it seems like an entry-level device rather than a flagship. Its not just the size, the phone has relatively basic LTE and lacks 5GHz Wi-Fi. So, it just might be the Nokia 1 Android One phone we heard about earlier.