Nokia in talks to sell its Health Division back to its former owner

Nokia has officially confirmed it’s in talks to sell its Health Division to Eric Carreel – French edngineer, entrepreneur and Withings co-founder.

Nokia bought Withings in 2016 for 170m and made it the center of its Health Division. But that division isn’t doing financially well, which prompted Nokia to reassess its future back in February. That reassessment is done and Nokia can’t see its Health Division scaling and improving in the future.

It’s not yet clear how much Eric Carreel is offering for Nokia’s health business (and his former company) and no terms have been agreed upon just yet.

But Samsung and Google’s Nest division have expressed interest in Nokia’s Health Division too.

Nokia added Withings to its businesses back in 2016 to counter Apple’s Health Kit but has transitioned to a business-to-business and licensing focused operation in the later years.